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What We Do


We Create That Lasts

We’ve been serving the digitizing industry since the industry is growing and most of the times our quality and on-time dedication speaks to our work.


Appliqué is a way of digitizing means trimming cut from one piece of fabric and stitched to another to add dimension and texture. If appliqué occupies a significant amount of the design, the stitch count is lower.


3D puff

3D puff embroidery is another way of sewing, which involves use of foam under the threads. Sewing is normally done on the edge of the form, leaving the middle part of the form having the effect of being elevated.


Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing or Embroidery Punching is the process of converting artwork into digital data that tells a computerized embroidery machine how to move during the embroidery process.


Expanded Format

A design program where individual stitches in a design have been specifically digitized for a certain size. Designs punched in this format cannot generally be enlarged or reduced more than 10 to 20 percent without distortion because stitch count remains constant. See "condensed format"



3D-effect embroidery, by contrast, is direct embroidery with fabric and threads only – no foam. Thick underlay and lots of thread are usually used to achieve the three-dimensional effect.



From sunsets to wood grains, color blending creates interesting color blends, perspective effects and shading effects. Two colors are merged smoothly from one to another using a mixture of dense and open fill.