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What We Do


Benefits of Hiring Digitize4you

Digitize4you is providing quality assurance in every order and cost effective services. We have rendered services to wide to range of agencies from U.S.A, Australia, Canada, UK and other countries.

Embroidery Digitizing

We use only the most up to date software to creat different file formats of your need and highly trained digitizers. Our designs go through several phases of quality checks to ensure that all on screen digitizing as well as the sew out is perfect.

Custom Digitizing

Custom Digitizing is technique in which designs are made according to ones own needs and requirements. Custom designs are becoming very common these days as people prefer to have customized designs.

Vector Art Conversion

We also offer excellent quality and afforedable vector artwork services with fast turn around time from our professional graphic designer. Send us your low quality jpeg, gif or any files we will forward to our graphic artists after few hours you will get Vector art conversion.

Web Designing

We creative responsive designs that make your website highly interactive. You can easily trust on our website development and designing servicesas our team members are proficient at their work

Logo Designing

We create your brand identity with a view to take sustainable competitive edge over rivals to catch customer attention. Starting with a different yet (memorable) brilliant custom logo designs created by over professional team

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other printable materials which can be pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate.