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What We Do


Vector Art Conversion

Send us your low quality jpeg, gif or any files we will forward to our graphic artists after few hours you will get Vector art conversion.

Retouching / File manipulation

We employ a team of highly experienced retouching experts who’s extensive Photoshop skills allow for image enhancement at any level. From dirty spotting to complete image manipulation, our team of professionals is available to tackle any graphical problem.



Some images that you have may not be exactly what you want. Perhaps you would like to use only part of an image or perhaps you would like to combine two images. For this reason, digitize4you offers image manipulation to digitally alter the images you submit according to your needs.


Supported Format

Mostly customers use AI,CDR,EPS,PDF that will be provided from our side definitely.We can turn your artwork into vector base art to run in all kinds of production We will turn artwork into a crisp, clean, camera-ready format for a t-shirt whether it is spot color or photo realistic.



The process of creating a vector is a simple, yet also a complex process. There are various techniques on How to vectorize a picture coming from a reference Photoshop. The capabilities of the Photoshop’s vector is then quickly shut down with the help of those who are truly familiar with the different vector programs like macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw, and Adobe Illustrator. There are certain tools that can be of use to vectorize an image. Most of these can be use without limit, meaning they can explore all positive avenues on creating a design. There is a brief comparison between the raster and vector.

  • We basically provide Raster to Vector (R2V) Conversion Services,Engraving.
  • High quality vector for screen printing, silk screening
  • Color separation, half tone, blending effect, camera-ready black & white line art.
  • To get good camera-ready art also requires professional graphics design program`s and experienced artists.